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Courtnie May

image of Courtnie May

After working a long day at the WVU Organic Farm, Courtnie May feels proud. She feels like she has been rewarded.

“Being a part of the growing process is also one of the greatest feelings,” she said. “From working the soil to planting the seed, weeding, and harvesting to the final stage of giving the produce to others and seeing how excited they are to eat crops grown by us, is the most rewarding part of all.”

The environmental protection major from Staunton, Virginia, was one of eight WVU Davis College students who participated in the Butler Organics internship program this year.

As part of the program, interns are responsible for managing the organic farm, running the Market Garden and conducting research alongside Davis College faculty members.

In addition to all of that, May took on a very specific role; she helped organize the college’s annual Organic Farm Field Day as well as its first 5K race.  

A well-attended event each year, over 200 people participated in the Field Day – and 50 people registered to participate in the inaugural 5K.

Being a new component to an annual event, May was extremely pleased with the turnout for the 5K.

It was a great way to culminate her internship experience.

“My experience on the organic farm was one for the books,” she said. “I was able to build a relationship with seven other students who have extremely diverse backgrounds and I gained an unimaginable amount of knowledge of farming.”

Once she graduates, she hopes to put that knowledge to good use conserving our natural habitats, improving soils and promoting the protection of waterways.