Student Organizations

The Davis College has over 25 student organizations and clubs that students can participate in. Through involvement in student organizations, students can further develop their academic and career interests while gaining worthwhile experience in their field outside of the classroom. Not only do members form lasting friendships with other students and faculty in an informal setting, but often their experiences can lead to career opportunities and industry contacts. Listed below are clubs and organizations associated with the Division of Plant and Soil Sciences.

Horticulture Club – This is the club for horticulture majors, minors and others interested in horticulture at WVU. FaceBook.

Plant & Soil Sciences Club – The main club for the Division of Plant and Soil Sciences. They hold yearly plant sales and sponsor educational lectures.

Society of Environmental Professionals – The purpose of this organization shall be to promote ethical practices, technical competency, and professional standards in the environmental fields and to promote academic and career development in Environmental Protection. Website, FaceBook.

WVU Soils Team – The WVU Soils Team is a collegiate soil judging team that competes regionally in the Southeast Region with approximately 12 other schools. Top scoring teams have the opportunity to compete in the National Soils Contest. Members of the WVU Soils Team can compete as a team and/or individually. A team is a group of three (3) or more undergraduate students who, though training and practice, have developed skills for the description, analysis, and interpretation of soils and landscapes. Learn More >>

Davis College Student Organizations

WVU Student Organizations